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Louise Wainwright

Louise Wainwright


Louise is our Carbon Saver Mentor. She can help with all things collaboration, communication, and getting the message out there, as evidenced by Bigbury Net Zero's successful Island Assembly!


Louise is highly experienced in many agricultural practices thanks to her commercial background in biological pest, disease and weed control, and from setting up a two acre demonstration farm in Kenya. Organic animal & crop production, composting, hydroponic fodder, vertical bag farming, nutrition gardening, biogas production, vermiculture, insect production for animal feed, and training courses all fall within Louise's wide range of expertise. She is able to help with identifying opportunities to collaborate on ambitious projects, liasing with potential projecy partners, designing and finding funding for projects, and communication overall! "I want to help other people optimise their contributions to reversing the decline of nature and reducing our community carbon footprint... and I want to meet nice people!"