We're a Community Interest Company, so all our profits go back in to supporting and inspiring sustainability projects in the Devon South Hams

What we do

Many parishes have declared a climate emergency but don’t know what to do next. Responses often focus narrowly on biodiversity projects, but a much wider response is needed to deliver climate action.

New sustainability projects are started with limited knowledge and experience. Progress is slow and can cause inefficient mistakes. There are no project templates for best practice and starting can be daunting for those wanting to help.

By sharing knowledge and inspiration between our member groups, we support on the ground climate action projects so that change happens, FAST. These projects increase public awareness and engagement which in turn drives behavioural change around climate action.

Through meaningful partnerships and networks we're looking to create a brighter future for people and nature on our whole community. We do this best by connecting, supporting and inspiring each other.

Our team

Jane Nichols


Entrepreneur, business coach and project manager, Jane brings experience of assessing businesses and capabilities. She’s a project manager with a focus on process.


Simon Oldridge

Company Secretary

Management consultant and accountant turned Ecopowerhouse, Simon is a key advocate for the CEE Bill and is exclusively focussed on activities to respond to the climate and nature crisis.


Tony Lyle

Non Exec Director

Former builder and current Director of South Dartmoor Community Energy, Tony brings a wealth of contacts, energy and knowledge around community energy and home retrofits.


Registered Address

Southford House
Southford Lane, Staverton
Totnes, Devon