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Wild About Loddiswell

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Wild About Loddiswell

About this group

Enhancing biodiversity of verges and green spaces, working alongside the Devon Wildlife Trust Avon Valley Project. Campaigning to preserve old school field as a place for wildlife and people; hoping to plant a community orchard and create a pond. Encouraging wildlife-friendly gardening and creation of hedgehog highways. Investigating possibility of community composting. Organising wildlife walks led by local experts.






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Our group would appeal to anyone with an interest in wildlife and conservation - it doesn't matter how little knowledge they have. Many feel there is not much they can do alone to mitigate climate change, but by joining a group such as ours they really can make a difference. As more and more groups like ours spring up, a network can be formed and the ripple effect will spread further across the county and eventually across the country, which is when real positive change can be made.


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