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Fair for South Brent


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August 31, 2022

The Fair for South Brent, on the 16 July 2022, drew around 1300 visitors to learn more about sustainability from various stalls and activities focused positively on themes around community, nature and climate.

Loosely zoned around the areas of Energy, Nature, Transport, Community, Renewal/Waste, and Food & Land, the Fair was organised by Sustainable South Brent in collaboration with South Brent Parish Council.

Sixty eight groups, organisations and businesses participated in the Fair, offering various free or low-cost activities and workshops, music, a jumble sale and food and drink. Visitors were able to find out about the sustainability work going on the area, speak with experts and get advice on topics such as energy costs, links between environment and health, and accessing grants. This allowed the organising team to create a balance between a fun community environment and a space for learning more about climate and nature-friendly actions.

SSB Chair Andy Harker says: ‘We are delighted that the main aims of the Fair were achieved. We came together as a community and had a lovely, fun-filled afternoon, whilst also thinking about changes we can all make to help nature and respond positively to climate change. Great conversations and discussions were ‘sparked’ across the Fair and lots of really useful information and advice shared in a range of areas, including nature, energy, waste, transport, food and community support.

We also raised around £2,500 to put into SSB’s fund which helps any local group with a good idea around sustainability. We couldn’t have achieved any of this without the support of many wonderful volunteers, far too many to mention by name, but all very much appreciated.’

This event offers an excellent example of what can be achieved by groups wanting to bring their communities together and get them engaged with nature and climate action. You can find out more about the event at the Fair’s project page, which includes links you can use for your own event, including useful tips, organising documents and the Fair programme.