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Get Inspired for Next Year's Great Big Green Week


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June 30, 2023

Great Big Green Week is the perfect time for your group or organisation to share your work and engage with your community. As the 2023 GBGW draws to a close, you can start planning what you might want to do next year.

A big event requires a huge amount of planning, but there are lots of resources to support you! This year’s Organiser Guide includes prompts and practical questions, as well as tips on engaging your community and finding funding. If you’re still stuck on where to start, find inspiration in the A-Z of ideas, with everything from music festivals to treasure hunts, or take a look at the events from this year.

Getting the word out there can be intimidating, but starting to think about how you’d like to communicate your event now will give you plenty of time to work out your strategy. Find a Guide to Promoting Your Local Green Week for some good places to start. Great Big Green Week also offers lots of resources, including posters, social media content and artwork, so make a note to check in on their website next year.

You might also be concerned about making your event relevant to local politicians - find out how to build the political impact of your event and about the power of engaging with local politicians.

We’d love to hear about what your group did this year, or about your plans for next year! Please do email us at if you’d like to share.