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Make Your Voice Heard: South Hams Climate & Nature Strategy


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December 1, 2023

In October, Sustainable South Hams hosted a discussion with representatives from South Hams District Council to discuss the new Corporate Strategy for Climate and Nature. We're encouraging you and your group to have your say - the official deadline was the 30th November, but we have been assured that the council will still take your prompt replies into consideration. Read on for more information, including a letter kindly provided by Sustainable South Brent to help you create your response.

The South Hams is fortunate to have a council that has committed to such a strong focus on climate and nature. Please help the council to carry out this work in the most effective way possible by offering your feedback on this important strategy.

If you weren't able to join us last month, we would encourage you to take a look at our meeting notes and recording here, as well as reading the SHDC strategy here, where you will also find the link to offer your feedback.

We have kindly been given access to the response from Sustainable South Brent (SSB), which you may wish to read through and incorporate in developing your own response.

The SSB letter welcomes the council's ambitious targets for CO2 reduction and biodiversity increase, but suggests that the current approach requires further development to reach these targets. Suggestions for development include:

  • Revisiting, refreshing and incorporating pre-existing plans
  • Reflecting the SHDC declaration of Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies and the serious nature of these emergencies
  • Allocating a senior SHDC Officer to oversee delivery
  • Establishing an expert advisor panel, including a “challenge and support” role
  • Making the plan deliverable, measurable and targeted
  • Establishing SusSH as a community delivery partner for the Council