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See the Possibilities of Long-Term Rewilding


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See the Possibilities of Long-Term Rewilding

Dittiscombe Rewilding lies just north-west of Slapton Ley. Approximately 20 acres of land was gifted back to nature in the late 1990s, and it is still being transformed through the amazing process of rewilding. The landscape has changed from sterile and unloved fields to a mosaic of habitats: ponds and boggy areas, scrubland and meadows, woodlands and hazel coppice. The whole valley is filled with a variety of wildlife, a sanctuary in a fragmented landscape, and is also a place of peace and recuperation for family, friends, guests and visitors. Guided tours for small groups interested in woodland planting, coppicing and rewilding, and volunteering opportunities are available.


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Key objectives

No particular outcome has been looked for as rewilding is a natural process and here at Dittiscombe nature is mostly allowed to find its own balance. However, we are hoping that this method of non-intervention will provide a varied mosaic of habitats to offer the best opportunities in which wildlife will thrive and grow. We would like to share this project with people so that: there is an understanding of what nature needs right now; offer hope that nature will return quickly if given the space and opportunity; and to help facilitate conversations and projects around land use in the South Hams.

Key learnings

To be patient and observe the process of natural success with minimal intervention Using rotational cutting and grazing regimes only where necessary Provide vital water habitats and ensure clean water leaves our valley to flow to the national nature reserve at Slapton Ley.

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