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Use Citizen Science to Record Wildlife


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Use Citizen Science to Record Wildlife

Greener Ugborough Parish is using the iNaturalist app for a citizen science project to record wildlife in the Parish. The aims are education and engagement of the community in the wildlife and biodiversity of Ugborough Parish. Data collected will be used to monitor species and inform habitat management decisions.



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The iNaturalist app is easy to use with no prior wildlife knowledge; records are confirmed by experienced identifiers through the App; each record is mapped by GPS on the camera or phone and appears on the project map. When choosing a recording App that is right for you be clear about your goals. The iRecord App has the advantage of linking to Devon Biodiversity Records Centre Database but is not sufficiently user-friendly for our needs as iNaturalist. There is code available to transfer data to the DBRC from iNaturalist which we will use in the future. There is an amazing community of wildlife recorders out there willing to help!

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