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Ben Bryant

Ben Bryant


Ben is our mentor with expertise in sustainable use of earth resources. He has a wealth of experience in composting, wild gardening and soil regeneration


My name is Ben Bryant and I have just joined SuSSH as a mentor bringing my expertise in resource efficiency – the sustainable use of earth resources. I am actively involved in the new Community Composting project in Marldon, where we are making good progress. I have plenty of experience in community work which I’d like to share and be of service to other grass roots projects. I am involved with the Devon Community Composting Network - - learning so much from Devon’s own Nicky Scott (Dr Compost). I am former Coordinator of Devon Community Recycling Network and was employed for Resource Futures on the ‘CAG Devon’ Project. I was also Recycling Officer for Teignbridge District Council for many years promoting ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’. I began my career as an environmental business advisor running government funded ‘resource efficiency clubs’ for both Groundwork west London and Global Action Plan.I am now a self-employed gardener specialising in wild gardening, my main interests being compost and soil rebuilding. I am excited by regenerative farming practices, permaculture and Biochar. Above all I absolutely love being outdoors, physically active and in community, feeling connected.I understand that soil regeneration is a major priority for the world to address right now, being central to solving so many environmental issues. The appreciation of living soils and supporting thriving microbiomes is essential for regenerating ecosystems and providing us nutritious food, better gut health and stronger immune systems..Putting organic content back into our soil is something we can all do readily to increase soil fertility. The compost heap is an incredible source of life, a real cornucopia. I believe raising awareness of the benefits of local composting is important to help support food production on all scales and to encourage sustainable and regenerative lifestyles. Nature recycles everything, may we learn from nature and play our part. Let’s put an end to the careless mentality of ‘waste’.

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