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Devon Energy Collective


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Devon Energy Collective

Project focus


Our aim is to take action to address the climate emergency and to deliver the Devon Carbon Plan by creating a Devon that runs entirely on green energy. We believe that, rather than buying power from outside the country, we can produce clean, locally owned energy here in Devon. This will significantly boost our local economy, retaining approximately £1.76 billion in our county and creating a local industry and jobs across the region.

Why join?

Our purpose is to develop community owned renewables projects across Devon at scale, to address climate change. Our community group members work with the communities local to our projects, helping to identify new projects. All surpluses generated by Devon Energy Collective CIC will be re-invested in carbon reduction in Devon. We will use our profits to retrofit homes and business, making us warmer, healthier and helping people out of fuel poverty.


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Main contact

Als Parker