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Wild About Marldon

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Wild About Marldon

About this group

Wild Patch In Jubilee Meadow; Increasing Biodiversity in Jubilee Meadow; Community Orchard; Rewilding Grass Verges; Other projects under dscussion






Group Type

Parish Council working group

Why join?

We need your help, anyone who can spare an hour or two can help make a difference. Our main aim is improving habitats and increasing biodiversity throughout Marldon and Compton without putting any additional financial burden on the Parish Council funds. Our vision is that plants, and the animals that depend on them, will thrive and be connected in every way possible in our village. We aim to promote social inclusion for the benefit of the local community, particularly aiming to be a resource for those who wish to engage with nature and life at a gentle pace. We will be running volunteer days, workshops and events with the focus on health and connection through gardening and building nature habitats together. The Wild Patch in Jubilee Meadow will provide safe accessible space for people to: learn about bio-diversity, climate change and the difference we can all make; volunteer; educate and inspire; a space will be offered to the playgroup for outdoor sessions where they can explore gardening for wildlife; people will be able to attend supported mental and physical health wildlife sessions and engage in other activities which will connect them with nature in an outdoor setting.