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Whether we like it or not, we live in a consumerist world. Walk into any shop and you will see aisles of products packaged in single use plastics, as well as many disposable or ‘short-life’ goods. We are constantly being encouraged to buy more than we really need. Our homes are filled with many items that end their days in land-fill (here or abroad), incinerators or in our rivers and oceans

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Here in the South Hams there are a number of projects run through our community groups and companies whose volunteers clean up some of this waste, run re-use and recycling projects and also encourage residents and visitors to consider alternatives when purchasing products. 

Hopefully some of the projects on this website may provide ideas and inspiration.  Many established groups will be more than happy to talk with you about setting up your own project and may be able to share resources to make it easier.  Why write a Risk Assessment from scratch when you can probably modify one that is already written?

If you have a project that fits into this category but isn’t listed here please ‘add a project’ so that we can share the good work you are doing. 

Get in touch with Ben Bryant, our Saving Earth Resources Mentor, for any further information or advice on

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