“Adaptation is a critical component of the long-term global response to climate change to protect people, livelihoods and ecosystems” (UNFCCC).

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It is well proven that Climate change is extremely likely to cause strain on many aspects of our communities in the future, from the infrastructure in our homes, to the delicate balance of nature and our public services. As a community it is imperative that we develop resilience, adaptative solutions and implement actions to our ever changing world.
Being proactive in thinking about how we can plan for and adapt to this allows us all an opportunity to work towards a fairer, healthier, more resilient society.


Sustainable South Hams in 2023

Sustainable South Hams in 2023

Our recent Christmas Celebration gave us the chance to hear about some of your proudest achievements from 2023, and was also a reminder of how much has happened for Sustainable South Hams in the last year! Read on for a round up of where we’re at now, what we’re looking forward to, and the wide range of things we’ve been up to.

December 22, 2023
Why Climate Adaptation is Crucial

Why Climate Adaptation is Crucial

In February we'll be working with the Bioregional Learning Centre to discuss climate adaptation at our Change Makers event. In advance of that, Bioregional Learning Centre Director Isabel Carlisle offers an insight to climate adaptation and how communities can look to respond.

December 21, 2023
Lots of New Growth for Local Tree Projects

Lots of New Growth for Local Tree Projects

Trees are a big topic when it comes to discussing biodiversity and climate efforts and the South Hams has a lot going on in that area. So we’re bringing you an article covering just a few of the exciting projects that you and your group might be interested in.

September 14, 2023


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