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Promote Earth Friendly Values Around Our Food


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Promote Earth Friendly Values Around Our Food

A series of workshops that promote Earth Friendly values around the foods we eat, focussing on food sovereignty, zero waste, and using plant based organic, locally or home-grown produce.


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Key objectives

Demonstrating how simple and enjoyable it is to co-create delicious and nutritious recipes, all set in the expertly facilitated Deer Wood Outdoor Kitchen. Benefits: • Provides a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn new and useful skills. • Increased confidence in cooking a range of earth friendly recipes. • Improved understanding of nutrition for plant-based diets. • Delights through participation and co-creation of dishes.

Key learnings

• Widens perspectives on both global & local food issues through gentle but informative discussion. • Increases understanding of sustainable and climate conscious ways of living. • Mental and physical well-being are enhanced through both the setting, activity and foods made and eaten. • Enhances a sense of community in participants through the co-creating a feast. • Connecting with nature in a relaxed and well-held space. • Ultimately there will be improved environmental impacts through any changes made towards a more plant-based diet.

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