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Lots of New Growth for Local Tree Projects


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September 19, 2023

Trees are a big topic when it comes to discussing biodiversity and climate efforts and the South Hams has a lot going on in that area. So we’re bringing you an article covering just a few of the exciting projects that you and your group might be interested in.

Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest (PSDCF) & Trees for Climate

One of England’s thirteen Community Forests, PSDCF is an exciting partnership between Plymouth City Council, South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council, National Trust and the Woodland Trust.

The vision of this work is to provide funding and support for woodland creation from moor to shore, bringing trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring, resilient places for humans and nature to live, side by side.

Trees for Climate is a new five year woodland creation fund focusing on the Community Forest areas. It is part of the Nature for Climate scheme which is a national initiative for natural solutions to climate change. The funding will help landowners and communities to develop their woodland creation ideas, covering numerous planting types through flexible, bespoke grants.

Find lots more information, and how to apply for funding here or email to be connected with support through site visits and funding options.

Local charity dedicated to growing native trees for Dartmoor’s treescapes

Moor Trees is a local charity with two tree nurseries (one in Dartington and the other near Diptford). For over 20 years it has been growing trees from locally sourced seeds, nuts and fruits to plant in woodland and hedgerows across Dartmoor and the surrounding area.The nurseries specialise in growing native woodland species suited to the Devon climate and landscape.

Their vision is to restore Dartmoor’s woodlands by encouraging the natural regeneration of native species. The charity is helping to establish a network of community woodlands, planting trees where necessary. By 2050, it is hoped that we will all benefit from seeing and enjoying a wilder, more natural Dartmoor, with restored moorland habitats and semi-natural grazing managed by local farmers and communities.

At the heart of the local community, Moor Trees provides a range of opportunities for people to volunteer to support their work. As well as the weekly sessions on a Tuesday and Wednesday at their tree nurseries they offer a programme of Sunday sessions throughout the year with seasonal activities ranging from monitoring previously planted sights in the spring and summer. At this time of the year the focus is on seed gathering and from November through to the early spring volunteers are involved in tree planting.

To find out more about the charity or ways in which businesses or community groups can get involved visit See this link for upcoming volunteering days

Help on the hunt for ancient woodland

Dartmoor National Park Authority, the Woodland Trust and RSPB have been awarded a development grant by the National Lottery Heritage Fund aimed at restoring nature, protecting our heritage and supporting Dartmoor’s communities - Dartmoor’s Dynamic Landscapes.

As part of this wide-ranging project, the Woodland Trust is leading on the Dartmoor Ancient Tree Hunt, mapping ancient and veteran trees and collecting and propagating seeds from significant trees and woods - including some of Dartmoor’s special temperate rainforests.

The Dartmoor Ancient Tree Hunt aims to address knowledge gaps in the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI) Dartmoor records by recording ancient and veteran trees alongside seed collection. This is a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to get involved in becoming ATI recorders and to learn more about seed collection and the importance of ancient trees.

More information will be coming soon, and you can join the Woodland Trust and ParkLife South West for a morning collecting tree seeds at the iconic Hall Farm on the 21st September.

Devon County Council Free Trees Offer

Are you a landowner or part of a community group wanting to plant trees now? Devon County Council are offering free tree packs, of 45 native trees, for the fifth year running. With support from the Emergency Tree Fund, they will send out the packs to anyone wishing to establish a small copse, linear woodland or to extend an existing woodland.

Find out more here under the ‘Free Tree Scheme 2023/2024’ tab, but make sure to get your application in by the 27th of September!