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Making every penny count for the future at Planet Local


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November 26, 2022

The first ever Planet Local festival will ask consumers in the South Hams to pause before they buy this Christmas to consider the impact of their purchases on nature and our climate.

Planet Local brings together a network of small-but-sustainable local businesses, who have much to celebrate in the fantastic products they offer and in the environmental sensitivity of their creation.

Created under the umbrella of Sustainable South Hams, Planet Local has been pioneered by Lynda Kelly, co-owner of Herb Heaven Devon. She was concerned about the many small businesses in the South Hams who have struggled through the pandemic and now face alarming cost increases, and came upon a potential solution.

“As I was sheltering from the sun after harvesting herbs in my polytunnel on the hottest day of the year and dealing with the stress of having run out of water on my smallholding, I had a surprisingly positive thought,” said Lynda, who has spent many years in retail marketing and as an international marketing manager.

“I am really proud of the care my partner Dave and I have taken to curate herbal teas in our artisan business, and during the last three years I’ve come across so many small eco-businesses, groups and farms who should be equally proud. We all share a common goal to create businesses that are good for the planet - sustainably produced, pasture fed, hand crafted, organic and naturally grown, recyclable, whatever it takes!”

“I realised that maybe if we all worked together, we could build a brand that people in the South Hams would recognise and support because we know that our customers also want to support the environment in their purchases.”

Planet Local is an event specifically created to support these businesses and services creating products for today that create a positive impact for tomorrow. It’s about reconnecting us all with nature and where products come from, as well as emphasising the power of where we choose to spend our money - research suggests that buying from independently-owned local businesses can double the amount of money staying in the local economy.

This initial event will be held in the Memorial Hall, St Ann’s Chapel, Bigbury, from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 3rd December, and will feature twenty four sustainable businesses as well as food, live music, workshops and plenty of fun!

It is supported by local sustainability group Bigbury Net Zero and is intended to be a pilot and template for future events across parishes in the South Hams. Find out more on Facebook (Planet Local), Instagram (@planetlocalevent), or by emailing