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Sustainable South Hams Assembly - Saturday 8th October 2022


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September 26, 2022

Sustainable South Hams is calling Group Leaders in our communities, businesses, and parish councils to join us at the Sustainable South Hams Assembly at Kingsbridge Community College on Saturday 8th October 2022.

Meet inspirational pioneers and explore the amazing resources available to help you galvanise neighbourhoods, societies, club members, parishes, employees and congregations to make a difference in time. Together we can build a Sustainable South Hams!  

An extraordinary communication toolbox is now at your disposal to focus the attention of your communities on positive action for climate and nature. We have no time to reinvent the wheel and it’s time to start the journey to Net Zero.

Our need to fast track engagement to take back control of our climate and rebuild our ecosystems has never been more critical. Yet broadscale local action is slow to gather momentum. The ‘perfect storm’ is already here as the sky-rocketing cost of fuel and cost of living forces us to consider the alternative lifestyles needed to survive the shockwaves.

Whilst we wait for governments to honour global pledges, we can make a significant contribution to the national solution by ensuring a wider understanding of the issues and the local solutions available now.

With the support of South Hams District Council (SHDC), we are bringing many of the powerful engagement tools and organisations together at the Sustainable South Hams Assembly.

Respected organisations across Devon have been beavering away for the last year and produced a myriad of video talks, courses, neighbourhood handbooks, wildlife gardening guides, manual on how to form a group, and themed flyers, posters and newsletter articles, making meaningful engagement possible.

The South Hams can only be really sustainable with an empowered group in every parish and town able to take local action to protect the South Hams for future generations of humankind and wildlife. Check our ‘Sustainability Map’ for a Group in your Parish. Let’s fill the gaps.

There is a brief morning session to introduce the programme for the Assembly and the main organisations and communication tools. Delegates are then invited to interact with each other and the support organisations in the Exhibition space.

There will be a working buffet lunch during the ‘Joining the Dots’ session in separate meeting rooms.  The final sessions will run concurrently and will be for those wanting to know more about our Special Interest Groups which will form part of our South Hams Working groups on really important areas.

The Parish Councillors group will hear from SHDC and a Parish Councillor about how to Declare an Emergency and formulate a Parish Carbon Plan.

The Community Compost meeting will signpost the £200,000 grant pot from SHDC, showcase the South Brent Community Compost Centre and invite delegates to the Sustainable South Ham’s Community Compost Workshop on 15th October.

The group on Community Renewable Energy will hear about two new initiatives - Energy Local Clubs and Power Allotments Devon. The ongoing achievements of these groups will be highlighted on the SSH website. Additional groups will be formed in the near future.

Book a free place at the Assembly to form alliances, find the tools and drive local action. For more information contact