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Working Together for Climate and Nature: SusSH and South Hams District Council


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September 12, 2023

Sustainable South Hams are excited to be collaborating with South Hams District Council to assist in delivering their ambitious climate and biodiversity plans. With climate change and biodiversity issues high on the agenda for the new District Council administration, core funding has been pledged to assist Sustainable South Hams in our work inspiring, connecting and supporting local nature and climate action.

The District Council is also creating a new Climate Change and Biodiversity Advisory Group which will use specialist and expert knowledge to support the Council and wider community's climate ambitions. Its core aim will be helping develop district-wide projects that have an influence on lowering carbon emissions and improving nature.

Sustainable South Hams CEO Jane Nichols spoke with District Councillors on the 29th June, offering a shared vision to help make the South Hams an exemplar region for climate and nature action. She outlined a plan for collaboration between SusSH and the District Council, working from the agreed vision, creating the agile and fast acting  advisory panel, drafting, consulting and reviewing an urgent & achievable action plan, and delivering the plan together.

In the short term, we are asking councillors to help us with keeping our parish information up to date, being advocates for climate & nature, and supporting our Compost pilot projects and Bonus Projects (on topics including Education, Food & Land, Energy Saving & Rainwater Harvesting). In the longer term, we will be looking for help in measuring results effectively, working together on a Parish Council Package and helping us to progress work on a Retrofitting pilot and assembly.

Cllr John McKay, South Hams Executive Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, said: "As a Council, we're delighted to support SusSH with this grant, as they will be a key organisation and contributor to the development of an integrated district-wide plan to address climate change and to protect and enhance our environment.

"SusSH will bring a lot of expertise to our new advisory panel through its network of local affiliate organisations, as well the impressive organisational skill it has demonstrated over the last 12 months. All at the Council look forward to working with them."

Jane Nichols, Sustainable South Hams, said: "We're really delighted and thrilled that South Hams District Council are prioritising climate change and nature across the South Hams and look forward to collaborating with them.”