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Protect Our Rivers' Health with Citizen Science


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Protect Our Rivers' Health with Citizen Science

Join the Westcountry Rivers Trust's leading CSI (Citizen Science Investigations) team to help contribute to the resilience of our region’s rivers, their habitats and wildlife. Collecting regular water quality samples not only produces good data, which the Trust can use to identify areas of concern, but also enables the citizen scientist to get to know their river, helping to identify positive and negative changes and influencing action where needed.


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Up and running



Key objectives

• To educate and engage people with the water environment. • To produce data that can be used to target work and identify degrading water bodies. • To spot pollution events which can be dealt with as quickly as possible • To create a network of catchment communities that are invested in their local environment

Key learnings

This is an ongoing project but we are ever evolving the survey form, how we engage with volunteers and how we manage and grow the scheme.

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