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Sparking Ideas at the Sustainable South Hams Assembly


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October 17, 2022

A fantastic turnout at the Sustainable South Hams Assembly made the event a day of valuable learning, knowledge sharing and networking.

Sustainability group leaders, members of local government and representatives of several sustainable organisations gathered at Kingsbridge Community College on Saturday 8th October 2022.

The day began with a welcome talk from Jane Nichols, Sustainable South Hams Operation Director. Jane introduced attendees to Sustainable South Hams, explaining our website and how people can get involved by submitting information and joining our events. She finished her talk with the words of the Hopi Elders: ”We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Jane Nichols presents to the audience at the Assembly
Jane Nichols welcomes attendees to the Assembly

The group also heard from Carbon Savvy about their comprehensive Carbon Savers Course (which still has free spaces available for South Hams parish/town councils and community groups who have submitted their information to Sustainable South Hams) and were given an overview of the Transition Streets Handbook.

Attendees had time to mingle and network whilst finding out about many and varied sustainability groups and organisations, before they joined discussion groups based around their area of the South Hams. Here they could view the Impact report for their community and each ward was given a copy of the Transition Streets Handbook and the Habitat Group’s Gardening for Wildlife booklet. Finally, three Special Interest Groups gathered covering Parish & Town Councils, Community Composting, and Community Renewable Energy.

We were incredibly pleased to find that the whole day was filled with ideas and enthusiasm, and already seems to have sparked new plans and projects. Participants told us that they loved the opportunity to network, share knowledge and find their own community of supportive, sustainability-minded people.

Two people in discussion in a corridor
Assembly guests find out more about local sustainable organisations