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Talk Dirty To Me… at our Community Compost Gathering!


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June 26, 2023

Mentor Eva Stephens introduces our upcoming Community Compost Gathering, her warm-up session at Sustainable South Hams Assembly and the composting support offered by South Hams District Council. Find our event link here and sign up for the Community Composting Event here.

Talk Dirty To Me…

Sorry I mean compost.  Talk compost to me.  What did you think I meant?!

Sooo… remember the brown bin issue when we were all forced to find alternative ways of dealing with our garden leftovers not long ago?  Those in the fortunate position to have a community compost close by were saved long trips to council facilities and got their hands on some lovely local ‘black gold’ to boot!  

In recognition of the amazing service of the community compost, SHDC came up with an initiative to encourage and support more communities to take up the gauntlet (or thermometer) and set up their own project.  

The scheme was announced in April.  £200,000 set aside for 6 new compost groups!  Wow!  Good Job!

However, so far not one new group has started and in fact only tentative enquiries have been made by just two groups….

Why?  … Well that’s what I want to know, which is why I’m inviting you to ‘talk dirty to me.’  

We’ve teamed up with Matt Crimp (SHDC Senior Waste Officer) and Nicky Scott (AKA Dr Compost) for a ‘Community Compost Gathering’.  

Matt will give guidance on exactly how SHDC can help, and Nicky will share his abundant knowledge of community composting from small neighbourhood projects to substantial town endeavours.

Community composting is a part of a circular economy approach with so many potential spin offs and benefits - community food growing being the most obvious one so perhaps it is worth serious consideration for your community?

Come and meet the folks who currently run projects in the South Hams and ask questions. Lots of questions. Connect with others who want to make positive change in our communities and find a way to progress your plans.  Perhaps even link up with people in your neighbouring parishes to see if you could join forces and do this together!

I will be running a warm-up session as part of the Sustainable South Hams Assembly the week before (8th October Kingsbridge) if you’re going.  Hoping to get some pertinent questions to put to Nicky and Matt ahead of the main meeting.  More details of the SSH Assembly can be found here.

Look forward to seeing you on the 8th October at the SSH Assembly if you can make it and 15th October for the main Community Compost Gathering.

Eva 🙂