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A Few New Mentors


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February 5, 2024

As part of our mission to connect community groups with support and inspiration, we’ve been expanding our base of mentors to encompass a wide range of knowledge and experience - read on for an introduction to a few of them.

With our new composting projects getting off the ground this year, we’re pleased to be welcoming mentors related to Share, Repair, Reduce & Reuse.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Ben Bryant supporting our composting work, and he’s now been joined by Stuart Saunders and Nicky Scott. Stuart has a great range of knowledge around composting, developing community projects and supporting soil biodiversity, and is a key member of the Sustainable South Brent community composting team. Nicky (aka Dr Compost) is well known for his expertise around composting and food waste solutions, as well as community gardening, organic growing and meadows.

On the energy side of SusSH, Mike Hodges and Dan Parnell are offering their mentoring support. Mike is passionate about renewable energy and energy efficiency and is open to supporting sustainability groups and parish/town councils with their renewable energy, energy efficiency and net zero ambitions. Dan’s experience of thermal imaging cameras started 30+years ago. He has recently assisted in the generation of a Thermal Imaging initiative within Sustainable South Brent and ran our recent Thermal Imaging Change Makers event.

Many of you will have come across Martin Fodder during our Rivers work last year. As a retired lawyer with a particular interest in environmental law and a wealth of knowledge, he is currently heading up the SusSH Rivers Scrutiny Group.

Find out about these mentors and more here. The support page also offers a space for information about consultants, speakers, trainers, consultants and supporting organisations who may be of interest to your group or community. To add yourself or your organisation to the page, please fill in our support form.