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Energy Sense: We all use energy every minute of the day. Some things are essential like eating, breathing and moving! Most uses of energy can be modified to reduce consumption, reduce wasted energy and importantly create energy in a sustainable way.

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Energy: Buildings and Transport

Our houses could be more efficient with better insulation coupled with controlled ventilation giving more control over our usage. Our housing stock is one of the worst in Europe for leaky, badly insulated buildings. Government has recognised this and will provide, in many cases, grants to help cut energy waste, improve people’s comfort and save them money all at the same time. A well insulated property with solar panels and a heat pump will use very little precious energy with little of the pollution that fossil fuels emit. The earth is warming and the  need to reverse this is now a matter of urgency.

In this category, we aim to provide links to some of the organisations and projects who are there to advise and help the public in this important field. 

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